We will help you manage the start-up requirements of your new business. Whether it is as a sole trader or a limited company, Johal & Co can help – We can also handle any company secretarial issues. This is why we are on hand to help you through the start-up process. We help start-ups transform their passion into a successful business reality.

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We understand the complexity of the business start-up process and provide effective advice to help you manage your risks and maximise your chances of success. Our team can help you with all your start-up requirements. We can help you with all the necessary paperwork and start-up calculations. We have helped hundreds of people realise their dreams of starting a business.

We work closely with our start-up clients to resolve various issues related to your business structure, including the establishment of a suitable source of finance, cash flow planning, and the management of your company. We also do the necessary registrations for your company and organisations based on the type of business you are operating. We help entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes and get the most out of their start-up. We combine our knowledge of Companies House notifications and HM Revenue & Customs regulations to provide effective start-up advice.