We have extensive experience in the installation and advising clients on how to use the new accounting software, You also have to consider the various factors that go into the software installation. Having a backup copy of your data is also an important step, We have access to the latest software and can provide impartial advice on choosing the right package for you.

At Johal & Co, Our auditing services are carried out with minimal fuss, and will allow your business to continue operating smoothly.

Through the audit process, we can help identify areas of weakness within your business and provide advice and support to improve these areas. We can perform internal and statutory audits, as well as due diligence. We can also help to reduce your exposure to fraud and provide specialist advice

Our bookkeeping service will help keep your business running smoothly. We will collect all your financial and business records and keep them up-to-date. Our Expert team will than work with relevant regulatory requirements 

We will help you manage the start-up requirements of your new business. Whether it is as a sole trader or a limited company, Johal & Co can help - We can also handle any company secretarial issues. This is why we are on hand to help you through the start-up process

Johal & Co will help you set up your new business, ensuring that your venture meets its goals and raising the necessary amount of finance. We can help you manage your cashflow and tax bills, develop a strategy for the long-term and plan for your eventual exit from the business.

  • Capital Gain Tax : You should aim to maximise the net return after selling your business by minimising the capital gains tax on sale.
    CGT is calculated on the difference between the purchase price and what you receive when it's sold. If this is not set against other gains, then your annual CGT exemption will be reduced.
    We can help you make the most of all the CGT reliefs and exemptions that are available to you.
  • Corporate Tax Planning: We can help relieve the burden of corporation tax administration and can minimize your exposure to corporate tax.
    We will help you determine the most advantageous tax structure for your business. We will also help you to access the appropriate tax reliefs and opportunities.
    Johal & Company Accountants will also assist you in preparing and submitting your corporation tax returns. We will also assist you in meeting the corporation tax self-assessor demands and in discussions with HM Revenue & Customs.
  • HMRC Investigations: As accountants, Johal & Co can help businesses prepare for an investigation, and mitigate their exposure to fines and penalties.
    Having been through an investigation by HMRC can be a bit overwhelming. We can help you through this process and provide expert advice and support.
  • VAT Advice: There are frequent changes to the way that the VAT scheme is operated. To avoid these changes, businesses should seek the advice and support of experienced accountants.
    We can also advise on VAT reconciliation and control (preparing and filing VAT returns). We can also negotiate with the Revenue when disputes arise.

We also provide a variety of services that include company searches, formation and dissolution. We help clients streamline their processes and ensure that their documents are submitted in accordance with deadlines and deadlines.

Johal & Co can also prepare and file your statutory returns on your behalf.

Johal & Co can help create a comprehensive exit plan that will enable you to minimize your tax liability and transfer your business ownership that fits to your individual circumstances.

Before you sell, it is important that you and your family are prepared for the transition. We can help you identify the right time to sell and help you develop a succession plan.

At Johal & Co, we can provide sound business and tax advice. We are experts in international taxation and cross-border issues. where we can help you with all your international taxation needs.

Our team can help you make informed decisions regarding various matters, such as contracts and taxation.

We can help you develop and implement a comprehensive Human Resources policy that fits to your business needs.

We can help you develop an effective strategy and implement processes related to payroll and human resources.

We provide payroll services that encompass the entire spectrum of payroll administration. These include the creation of customised payslips, the administration of various national insurance and statutory pay, and the filing of weekly or monthly payroll forms.

We can also help businesses with the preparation of Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) returns, as well as the administration of employee costs.

Bad debts can also affect a business' profitability. We can help identify the root causes of your problems and suggest ways to improve your cashflow and profitability.

In certain circumstances, we may be able to arrange a voluntary arrangement which will help your business get back on its feet.

An effective succession plan can help you to minimize your tax liability and maximize your financial gains. It will also enable you to transfer control of the business according to your wishes.

Johal & Co can help you develop a succession plan that will help you achieve your goals and provide ongoing financial security.